The Dreaming Tree

We offer a full service pre-lit green screen studio. Studio has a 3 wall cove cyc, lighting grid, wrap-around black curtains and pre-hung 12′ white seamless paper roll. Dimensions are 25′ w x 35′ l x 15′ h with double wall construction for sound proofing. Rental includes pre-lit rear wall green screen, key, fill and back light, staging/production area, private dressing room, kitchen, 2 makeup stations and bathroom, 6 parking spots, 1 ton grip package. Additional equipment can be rented or you can bring your own.

Our studio is located in extremely film friendly Burbank, close to the 5 freeway. It is ideal for film-makers, content creators, photographers, production companies and ad agencies. The studio is available for rental 24/7 and is ideal for filming interviews, TV commercials, music videos, promos, and web content. Although the stage is generally green screen it can be converted to any color background production needs (terms and conditions apply).

Studio can also be used as an audition space.

Try us out. You’ll have a great shoot at the Dreaming Tree Studio.

Open area outside studio.

Equipment included:


2 @ Kino Flo 4×4, 1@ Mole 407 1K Fresnel with dimmer, 15′ x 2′ LED Array

1 Ton Grip Package:

7 @ 40” C-Stands, 1 @ 20” C-Stand, 2@ 3 rise High Rollers, 1 Baby Offset, 2 Baby Plates, 2 Duckbill Holders, 2 Ceiling Clips, 2 Jr. to Baby Adapters, 2 6” C-Clamp w/ Baby, 1 foam core holder, 2 12” Furni Clamps, 2 Mayfers, 2 Cardellini, 5 Safety Hangers, 5 #1 Grip Clips, 5 #2 Grip Clips, 5 #3 Grip Clips, 8 20lb. Sandbags, 2 ea. Full, ½, ¼, & pancake Apples, 2 Furni Pads, 1 EA. 18X24 Single, Double, Silk, 2 18X24 Solids, 1 EA. 2X3 Single, Double, Silk, 2 2X3 Solids, 6×6 Butterfly set, 4 step twin ladder.

Stage also comes with 18 folding chairs, 2 director’s chairs, 5 stools, 4 folding tables, 3 office chairs and 2 standard tables.

Production area.


1. What is the layout of the space?
– Sound proof studio is located inside a larger warehouse space.

2. What is the surrounding area like?
– We are located in a warehouse district in Burbank.

3. Which types of productions is the space set up for (photo, film, sound, etc.)?
– This studio is set up for green screen, black curtain and white seamless video/film shoots. The studio is completely sound proofed with double wall construction. Can be used for photo shoots as well.

4. Are all areas of the space accessible for production purposes (including the exterior)?
– Only interiors of the space.

5. What are the power capabilities of the space?
– We have 110 amps distributed over 14 standard house outlets which can also be patched to the lighting grid.

6. Will there be an on-site manager present during the booking?
– Yes.

7. What are the parking and load-in/load-out options?
– 6 parking spots. Room for grip truck and honey wagon. Large elephant door can be opened for load in load out. Free street parking.

8. How many bathrooms does your space have?
– One.

9. Which additional areas will guests have access to, if any?
– Studio, staging/production area, makeup station, kitchen, bathroom.

10. Printing and Wifi?
– Wifi provided and we have a printer on site.

11. What other equipment do you have available (not included in rental)?
– 3 tons of grip equipment, 25 lights, camera packages, sound packages, teleprompters, dollies, sliders. Just ask we probably have it.

Our goal is to make your experience productive and safe. The Dreaming Tree Studio provides a great work environment with lighting and grip equipment close at hand. If you have crew and equipment needs we can provide that also. Our crews shoot 200+ days a year and are highly professional. Whether your needs are DP, camera operator, make-up artist, grip, gaffer or a full crew, we can assemble any size team to ensure your production runs perfectly. We have lighting and grip equipment in house in addition to cameras and audio gear.